Dampwood Termites : Control, Behavior & Habits

Dampwood Termite

There are several types of termites and one of them is dampwood termites. This termite is bigger than the termites in general. Dampwood termites typically measuring 20 mm to 25 mm. They have a big head with a lower jaw on the front. Dampwood termites live in areas of moist or damp wood rot.

They live colonizing nest in wood or dead tree area. Have you ever seen a damp, rotten wood? they are dampwood termites. Termites of this type are actually harmless, but if they are nested in the home area, it will damage the furniture or walls of your home.


Dampwood Termites : Control, Behavior & Habits

Dampwood Termites
Dampwood Termites


 Dampwood Termites Behavior & Habits

The habitat of Dampwood Termites is that they live from damp wood. They also live colonized to build nests in rotten and damp wood. Dampwood Termites Usually do not nest on the ground, they lodge in rotten and damp wooden areas. Dampwood Termites These pests are quite dangerous especially if they are nested in the area close to the resident’s home.

You should check the dead tree in your area of residence. Is there a Dampwood Termites there? They will damage if migration to the home area. The rainy season will also have a devastating impact on living and moving into the home area. Read Also: Flying Termites Control


Dampwood Termite Control & treatment

Because Dampwood Termites live in humid areas, the solution of moisture problems is the most important part of control. Please check the areas of your home that are leaking like walls, bathrooms, ceilings, leaks in the roof. They will live there and if you know everything the important thing you should do is replace the damaged part.

In addition, termite treatment is also considered important to deal with damage to the wooden area. Because this treatment requires special tools and equipment, it is recommended to call a termite control professional.


Another natural way does not require termite control professionals


Another way to get rid of other termites is to simply use the salt of the kitchen. Simply sprinkle salt around the termite nest, then the little pest will go away. To be more effective, you can also mix it with tobacco water and then spray their nest area …


Drying Wood In The Sun

Because termites prefer to be in a humid place, putting them in a hot place will be a torment for them. Therefore, if there is furniture of your house inhabited by termites, dry the furniture in the sun. Do this drying on a regular basis until termites disappear from the place.


Consult professionals

Today many service companies offer their services to destroy termites. To be more efficient and effective, you should try it so that your home is spared from destructive termites that result in millions of dollars in losses.

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