Centipede Bites : Symptoms And Treatment

Centipede Bites

Centipede Bites : Symptoms And Treatment –  During winter or rainy days, our house sometimes gets special guests, which are bugs and insects. Centipedes become a little creature that is often living inside the house during that days. Even, there also appear in almost all weather due to its capability of surviving in any climates.

Centipedes belongs to Chilopoda, which is also a predator and venomous. They get venom which is produced by gland to kill their prey. So, if you are asking are centipedes poisonous? The answer is they can be poisonous or not, depending on which things they bite.


Are Centipedes Poisonous to Humans?

Centipedes may bite humans and gives them several pains. They bite people for defend purpose. Then, are centipedes poisonous? For the human, its bites are not poisonous. Even though it is not poisonous, its bites are pain, similar to the bee stings. Their tastes are naturally more painful rather than dangerous for human. Once they bite you, several symptoms such as red bumps, inflammation, swelling, nausea, painful, and allergic.

The pain of centipede bite commonly will stay for several days. However, some people only suffer from this pain only in hours. Even, centipede bites sometimes do not leave any pain or mark for some people.

Centipede Bites
Centipede Bites


Although it is not dangerous to humans, centipedes must stay away from children. Children commonly will be easier getting some allergies once centipede bites them. Even, they can give other side effects such as chills, swelling, weakness, and fever. Centipede may be not dangerous or poisonous to humans. However, for bugs and insects, they are poisonous and causing death. So, are centipedes poisonous? The answer is not for human, but yes for insects and bugs.


The Symptoms of Centipede Bites

Centipede which is often seen at home called as house centipede. This one also can bite humans, but leave no danger or poison. However, once you get bitten, you will get several House centipede bite symptoms. Normally, the symptoms will be different depending on allergic reaction degree of people. Besides, whether the symptoms are serious or not is influenced by the centipede sizes as well. The larger centipede will offer more serious pain.

A person will get House centipede bite symptoms such as pain, redness, inflammation, or swelling in the bite areas. It normally will stay less than two days, yet for some people, it sometimes leaves no reaction at all.

For people with more sensitive skin, the bites may give other side effects such as a headache, heart tremors, chest pain, vomiting, or nausea. For that reason, you must clean and treat it immediately, so they will not turn into infections. The victims of centipede bites are commonly gardeners.


The Centipede Bites Treatment

Some people commonly wonder when it comes to centipede bites treatment. Then, how do you treat a centipede bite? Here we provide you some steps for treating centipede bites.



Get First Aid Treatment

Once you get centipede bites, make you get first aid treatment immediately. You can get a triple antibiotic to be applied to the bitten area. This one can reduce and stop the pain causing by the bites. Before applying the antibiotic, make sure to wash the area with soup and water. After that, dry the area using a soft towel gently.

The Centipede Bites Treatment
The Centipede Bites Treatment – Image via healthline.com


Using Hawaiian Rock Salt

Most people believe that Hawaiian rock salt can cure the centipede bites. If you get this one at your home, you can apply it gently on bitten area.


Using Antiseptic Soap

Antiseptic soap also believed can reduce the risk of centipede bites become worse. Once you get bitten, wash the area with antiseptic soap and water.


Get Ibuprofen

Ibuprofen can be useful to reduce the pain. So, if you get severe pain, you can consume ibuprofen as soon as possible.


Use Hydrocortisone cream

As the bitten area gets itching, this cream can reduce you from this symptoms. Most people normally will consume allergic medicine to relieve itching. However, that actually will take more time.

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