Best Ant Traps to Get Rid of Ants

Best Ant Traps to Get Rid of Ants

Best Ant Traps – Ants are everywhere. Sometimes they can be so annoying to the point it is almost the equivalent of some wasp infestation. They are social insects that live in colonies. Generally speaking, ants are present at homes either for seeking shelter or foraging food.

The smallest openings in your house structures can be big enough entrance for them. Usually, ants look for sweet based food or grease or protein-based ones. Once they spot a food source, they will leave a pheromone trail so that their friends can follow.

If you want to get rid of them, looking for best ant traps should include one that can kill the whole colony so they will never come back. People would usually spray an ant with a regular ant spray or a repellent spray. However, this won’t really work to completely eliminate their existence in your home for the spray will typically kill a few of them. What you need to do is understand their behaviour patterns. That way, you can find the best ant control.


Best Ant Traps to Get Rid of Ants

Best Ant Traps to Get Rid of Ants
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First off, you need to make sure that you know the difference between termites and ants. The former have straight antennae while the latter have bent ones. Ants’ waists are segmented. Termites, on the other hand, are about the same width along their whole bodies.

Now that you can tell between these two. The first step needed to get done is inspection. You can follow the trails ants leave behind to find their nests. Usually, pheromone trails can be found along the carpet edges, windows, doors and practically all areas in your kitchen. If you’ve got time on your hands, watch where the ants go from their food source and you’ll be led to their nests. In case you’ve got carpenter ants in your house, then do the inspection at night. It’s more effective since the larger kind is nocturnal. Carpenter ants often emerge from water-damaged or rotted wood, tree stumps or foraging outside in woodpiles.

When inspecting outside your house, check the areas of vegetation, around foundation walls and obviously mulch. Typically, ant nests are nestled in vegetation areas near walls or patios. Some ants hide their nests very well so you need to check the underneath areas of items that are on the ground.


DIY Best Ant Traps

Another thing to consider when looking for best ant traps is determining the kind of ant problem you are dealing with. People generally encounter two types of ant problems:

  • Ants that build the nest inside
  • Ants that forage inside but live outside

Knowing the type of infestation plays determines the kind of strategy you should make. You might need a magnifying glass as it can be quite difficult to identify the type of ant crawling around your living space.

After knowing the type of infestation, you will need ant traps. This is actually kind of inaccurate term but one can say it as feeding stations. What makes it a trap is that the food is actually a bait that also contains poison. The food itself will be protein or sweet based mixture in order to attract ants. When the ants carry the food to their colony, their fellows will eat the bait and eventually will die. Ant traps are actually a better alternative to spray for they can kill ants right at the nests.

A good ant trap does not always have to be store-bought. You can make it on your own and it will work perfectly. To make a homemade ant trap, you will need borax or any boric acid mixed with anything sugar such as jelly or honey to attract the insects. Don’t forget to consider the kind of ant infestation nestling in your home. Sugar ants love sugary meals while fire ants prefer meals that are rich in protein. If you plan to set the trap outside, remember to make it waterproof.

If you don’t feel like making a DIY feeding station, then below are some of the best ant traps available on the market:

  • Enforcer EAMBS6
  • Kness Bait Stations
  • Advance37a Granules (a great pick for protein ants
  • Terro Prefilled Liquid Traps (highly recommended for sugary ants)
  • Terro liquid ant bait (you can seen image above)

All of these baits have a high success rate and have been proven to be able to consistently kill a variety of ant species. No hassle required as they are all easy to use.

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