Beekeeping : the benefits of farming honey bees revealed!


Beekeeping : the benefits of farming honey bees revealed! – Commonly, we are scared of bees because we are afraid it would sting and leave a painful wound on our skin. Truthfully, some bees, such as honey bee, are worth keeping due to their ability in producing sweet and tasty food products, and their kindness in pollinating the flowers. Those two capabilities give beekeepers opportunities to harvest benefits.The activity of beekeeping will gain beekeepers some products. Those are honey, beeswax, pollen, and propolis.


Beekeeping: the benefits of farming honeybees revealed!




As soon as we heard its name, we know that it produces honey. Honey is a substance with yellow color which many people love. The process of honey starts from the bees ingests nectar. Then, the ingested nectar is processed. Lastly, it is stored in the honey combs. The end product of this honey bee production process is then harvested for commercial purposes. If you are looking for a profit of your beekeeping business, a jar of honey is worth $12 – $18 in the U.S. Each country will have its price tag. In Asian countries, a jar of honey is predicted to cost below $10. However, when it comes to the price, there are several considerations such as the cost of the packaging, hive maintenance and more. Read: How to Get Rid of Carpenter Bees around Your House?



This product is generated from the bees’ special internal organ, the wax-producing mirror glands which are located on the inner sides of the honey bee’s body. Most simply, beeswax is the basic material of their combs. Well, it is more important to know what benefits that would come from farming beeswax. The benefits are it attracts more profit.

Moreover, beeswax is multipurpose. It can be developed into several products such as chewing gum, lip balms and other skin care and cosmetics products like lip gloss, hand cream, moisturizers, eye shadow, eye liner, blush and more, and also the candle. The price of honey bee beeswax is in accordance to its amount, for example, 2 lb blocks o natural beeswax would be sold in the U.S. for $12.50, while 2 oz cakes of pure filtered beeswax would be sold for $1.50. Based on a small survey, beeswax is tagged with a similar range of price around the South East Asian countries.



The term “pollen” may sound strange to some people. In a simple understanding, pollen is male flower’s sperm to fertilize female flowering plants, moved from the male cone to the female cone. This fertilization process is often done with the help of bees or humans. When bees are wondering from one flower to another, some of the pollen is carried away to the hives. This excess pollen is then collected by the workers for other purposes such as hand pollination. That is why this is more beneficial to beekeepers or planters.



Propolis is a popular medicine which is mostly distributed for cold and flu remedy; however, in its technological development, propolis has been developed into a more multipurpose natural medicine. If you are wondering where it comes from, it comes from places outside honey becomes, for instance, tree buds, sap flows and other sources that are botanical. The bees are using this substance as a seal to close unwanted open space in their hive. For some reasons, propolis is more expensive than the other products-perhaps, due to its extraction process. Based on the conducted survey, in some places, raw propolis is tagged with $25.00, while the honey bee propolis extract is being sold for $32.00 (4oz) and $750.00 (1 Gallon).

Those are the products which come from beekeeping. Any of them carries out advantage which can help the beekeepers obtain profits.

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