Bed Bugs Bite : Symptoms, Cure & treatment

Bed Bugs Bite

Bed Bugs Bite: Symptoms, Cure & treatment– Some people are not still aware of bed bugs. What is it? The bed bug is small with the brownish color insect that pierces human skin. Although bed bug will not bring any severe disease at first, the effect will be the nuisance in some way. When you got bed bugs bite, it will be itchy. For some people, there will be some different matter as the effect of the bed bug. To know more about how bed bug bites human and the results here is the further information.


Bed Bugs Bite : Symptoms, Cure & treatment

Bed Bugs Bite
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Symptoms of Bed Bugs Bite

To know exactly your itchy skin is from bed bug, you have to know some bed bugs bite symptoms. For some reasons, different effects are given by bed bug. However, in general, we can identify whether it was bed bug or not that bite you. The first symptoms a bite by the bed bugs are your skin feels so itchy. And it develops into swelling or red welts for some days. In some cases, the bed bug will not leave any mark on the skin.

Then, sometimes your skin gets burning sensation if you got the bed bugs bite. The area that got burning sensation will develop as reading bumps or papules.

In some cases, it will get worse then there will be skin inflammations. So, when you found a rash after being bitten by this insect, you should not have to scratch it. If your condition is not going well and the rash on your skin is getting worse, so you have to call the doctor immediately.


How Did Bed Bugs Bite?

Some of you might curious on how bed bug bites human? In fact, bed bugs are bloodsucker and the only their food source is blood. So, they live by consuming blood to survive. A bed bug can take more than one bite. When there is no more blood on its body, the bed bug turns to be a flat-bed-bug.

It will begin feeding itself when it already found a suitable blood vessel. Nevertheless, it takes some injections to the skin to find the right blood vessel for a bed bug. It seems the little bit difficult for bed bug when it sees the food since bed bugs are so sensitive to movement. When human as a target move, they will withdraw their mouthparts then begin to search for another part of a body to get a portion of food.


How Dangerous Are Bed Bug Bite ?

Until now, there is no serious problem from direct bed bug bites. However, it triggers some infection if you scratched the rash. Moreover, you have to keep the rash skin which is bitten by a bed bug in clean condition since it will lead a secondary infection if you are not aware of it. The further problem that might be appeared is bleeding or swelling in an area where you got bitten. If you are bitten by the bedbug, so you have to make sure to keep the bitten area clean.


How to Cure Bed Bugs Bite?

Although it is not too dangerous at first, you have to be aware more. When your skin feels itchy then develop into burning sensation, it must be uncomfortable for you. So, you have to know how to get rid of bed bugs bite. To avoid some a black spot, you can use anti-itch cream.

Then, you can also take the antihistamine to reduce burning and itching sensation on your skin. There is a time when you want to scratch your surface badly. To minimize an infection, you can use ice packs that also you can use for helping dead skin. Then, the symptoms might disappear for 1 to 2 weeks.

Another way of bed bugs bite treatment is tea tree essential oil to a bedbug bite. This essential oil will help stop the itch as well as a natural disinfectant.

Recommendations for bed bugs bites home remedy is a paste made of baking soda and water to relieve itching due to a bedbug bite. Baking soda will help reduce inflammation and stop itching.

And last is don’t let the bedbugs bite. Always keep your bed mattress clean. That’s the key to getting a bedbug not crawling your house. Keep the condition of your room or mattress always dry and use artificial heating to keep the warmth of your room.

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