Are Wolf Spiders Deadly Poisonous?

Are Wolf Spiders Deadly Poisonous

Are wolf spiders poisonous? Must be the first question when you have been bitten by this kind of spider. Different from other spider species, the wolf spiders prefer to walk down to hunt their prey. They will not build the web to trap their prey. The wolf spiders even dig into certain place then make a trap at the door of that hole. It must be an amazing one, so that is a reason why the wolf spider called as a smart spider.


Are Wolf Spiders Poisonous?

Typically, wolf spider size is 6.4 millimeters to 3 centimeters body long. The male wolf spiders are smaller than female wolf spiders. They have good night vision that makes them hunt in dark place or at night. The wolf spiders will shine their eyes in dark place, so it can be detected where they are, Most of them live in deserts, wetlands, rainforest, mountains, and another place. They can live everywhere as long as they can find insects as their food.

Are Wolf Spiders Deadly Poisonous
Are Wolf Spiders Deadly Poisonous


To catch their prey, the wolf spiders will walk around or dig in deep burrows. They will make a trap at the door of the burrow to catch their prey. Read: Are Grass Spiders Poisonous?

In that situation, it is highly possible that wolf spider will come into your house or office. As long as there are some dark places, the wolf spiders can hide in. Does wolf spider bite?

Yes, wolf spider does bite the human. Are wolf spiders poisonous? Like other spider species, wolf spider has venom in their body. Then, the wolf spider is one of the muscular spiders. You can imagine how strong the wolf spider is when it is bitten you.


Wolf spider bite

Wolf spider bite like other bugs bites symptoms. There will be swelling, redness, and itchy on your skin. However, it might be different for people who have allergic to spider bites. They will get a red line which triggers infection, the size of the bump which is increasing, dizziness, the problem with breathing, and even unconsciousness.

These symptoms will appear for people who have allergic to spider then got bitten by any species of spider.  Then, are wolf spiders poisonous? Although the wolf spider has venom in their body, they will not spread it into your body. So, wolf spider bite is not deadly dangerous. It will only give some effect like bugs bite. In some few days, the symptoms might be healed. Read Also: Grass Spider Bite Poisonous And Dangerous?

If you find unusual wolf spider symptoms, so you have to contact a doctor as soon as possible. As mentioned before, wolf spider bites will not give deadly effect to human. If there are some different effect after getting bite by this spider, so it might be other infection, or you have been bitten by other insects. In fact, you only need to clean the area that infected by using water, mild soap, or even antibiotic cream.

To reduce swelling, you can elevate your legs or arms based on infected area. You can also take acetaminophen, NSAID, or antihistamines to reduce swelling and itching on your skin.

Then, there are some ways on how to get rid of wolf spiders in your house. For the first, you have vacuum your house regularly so there will be no space for any bugs and insects include wolf spider. Second, you have to get rid some items that will provide the dark place.

Since wolf spider-likes to hide in dark place, you have to make sure that there are no dark areas that attract wolf spider come into your house. For the last, make sure that there is no hole or crack in the walls as a way to make them come into your house.

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