American Cockroach

American Cockroach

With the Latin name Periplaneta americana. Cockroach from America also known as a “palmetto bug” or “water bug.” This cockroach is reddish-brown and 1.5 inches long, and it can be longer. Although it has wings, it is fly rarely. The female wings are shorter than the male ones. The young ones are gray-brown. They become more reddish-brown once they mature.

The name “flying waterbugs” comes since they have wings but they don’t fly unless the temperatures are above 85 degrees. American cockroach eats decaying organic matter. However, they eat anything since they are scavengers.  They are attracted by sweets too. This annoying creature also eats on starchy items such as the back of wallpaper and books.


American Cockroach Facts, Size, habitat, Signs, Control

Female cockroach produces many eggs capsule. They have 14 to 16 eggs and hatch them for 50 to 55 days into grayish-brown “babies.” The female ones prefer to place the eggs in damp and protected areas. The babies will grows 9 to 13 times before mature. The babies are 0.25 inch long and they still in gray-brown when they just came out from the capsule. Eighty-four degrees.

American Cockroach
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You can find adults and babies in a variety of places. In the North, people commonly found them in steam heat tunnels or sometimes in a large institutional building. They often were seen around accesses such as near garbage, sewers, and near sump pumps. Crawl spaces, dark basements, and floor drains are the most common place for the babies to habit.

You can also find them around the corners areas, floor drains, or the walls in your basement. However, they are more comfortable to live in open spaces and avoid small crack and crevices. This roach also prefers damp areas and access to water. They can be located in dark and moist areas such as crawl spaces and basements.

Others are likely found in floor drains, bathtubs, and sewers. Outside, this cockroach cab is found in shady, moist areas such as woodpiles, hollow trees, mulch, and yards. Sometimes, you can also find them under roof attics or shingles. They usually live outside, but they will wander at the certain time inside to search for food or water. When the weather becomes extreme, they will go inside to protect themselves.


American Cockroach Temperature

Fahrenheit is the perfect temperature for American cockroach. You may find this cockroach inside your home when the temperature gets cool outside. They come through small cracks, under doors, crevices, sewer, utility pipes, and air ducts. Sometimes you can also find them in plumbing, clothes hampers, and near bathtubs. When the temperatures get warmer, the cockroach will fly and move from building to building.


How to Control American Roaches

The ways to control American Cockroach are by sanitation and exclusion. These procedures are the first things required when you want to control this type of insect. When you get rid of their food sources and moisture, it will control their population. It leads to a better result when you do pest control measure.

The sanitation is clean kitchen regularly to eliminate their food sources, move garbage cans once they full to prevent moist habitat, use a tight-fitting lid on your garbage can so they can get through them, and ventilate moist spaces. That is the place you should take care of.

The exclusion is sealed exterior holes and cracks as many as possible on the outside of your home, repair holes around windows and doors, check windows and doors if they fit inside the frame securely to prevent entry, places mesh screen in floor drains, windows, and vents, as well as block all penetrations in ground level walls.

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