What Do You Know About Winged Termites?

How the termite swarm starts their new colonies

What Do You Know About Winged Termites? As we all know, the termites are pets that may be a problem for us. This animal builds the house underground, and it sometimes comes into your house that can cause our property damage. It makes us annoyed, right! Moreover, the termite home can be found so easy because they are hiding to work their damage from year to year.

However, the identification of their presence early can be a preventive step of termite infestation to make bigger problem in a building. Do you know that there is one sign to indicate the termite? It is the winged termite. Maybe, you have not known that the termite can fly. A part of people may imagine that the termite is an insect that lives underground and does not have wings, but actually, the winged termite is there. Well, we want to discuss this flying termite! Let’s start it!


The Characteristic of Winged Termites

Typically, not all the termite species can fly like ant species. Based on the rank of castes, a termite is divided into three groups in a colony. They are workers, soldiers, and alates. And it is only one caste that can fly, that is alates because this group is sexually developed where the future kings and queen has a role to reproduce as the next colonies. The term of termites based on their flying pattern is called as swarms.

The existence of termites swarm indicates that the termite season is begun. It happens once a year during a certain period that is different in each country. The flying termites look in the different color depending on their species, but commonly it appears same with tan color.

Then, these termites have two antennae-like other species, but they have wings with veiny looks. To differ between the flying termite or flying ant, it is a not simple because they seem similar. The termite has a thick body and looks a like the white ant.


How the termite swarm starts their new colonies?

How the termite swarm starts their new colonies
How the termite swarm starts their new colonies


How the termite swarm starts their new colonies? Furthermore, there is a life cycle of termite swarms where during a breeding season the female and male winged termite will leave their nest and fly outside. After that, the termites will meet with same species in different colonies in the air, called swarms.

Then, they have mated each other, and they shed their wings to start the colony in new place. You may meet this condition in the early days of spring season where the air is warm because this is an ideal weather after the rain season.

The winged termites are attracted to the light, so we can find them easily in the place where has the bright light like a lamp. You should know that the flying termite can be indicated as the start of the bigger problem because they can make the new colonies largely. The flying termite cannot fly far through the strong wind so that they can be met near with their nest. For the future king and queen termites, they will fly and travel to the far place for beginning the new colony.

The last, to prevent the life cycle of the winged termites, you should start to limit their spread. As we have discussed, the flying termites can make new colonies in certain a period.

You can stop their reproduction by controlling the potential area where they want to start new colonies. For the best recommendation, you can ask a help of termite control specialists. It is better for you to know how to the best way to face the termite problem in your house. After you have indicated the presence the winged termite, you can call them to get rid this termite problem before you find property damage.

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